Korey Goodwin
Korey Goodwin - Copywriter
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The High Score

When not building brands into icons, I’m podcasting, and gradually turning the youth of America’s minds into mush.

I beat "Super Mario Bros." before I was able to do math. So you can say I had a calling when it came to video games. Decided to use that calling to host a video game podcast that led to laughter, anger, and tears. Which is basically any game night at my place.

The High Score

“Now That’s A Killer App” -Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad 2016)

We all need breaks from time to time. But the internet does not like that.

Combining Batman and anime is like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

It’s funny, but is it too far?

I stared into the abyss and was not ready for what I saw.